Remote S for Tesla App Reviews

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Great App - Functionality excellent-

This is a great app to be used with tesla. Good functionality.

Very good

Great app - offers a few things that are missing in the native app.

Excellent app for all Tesla owners

Has some great features missing from the Tesla app. Besides the added features its also able to pretty much instantly connect with the Car. Something the Tesla app doesnt seem to do. Just that alone makes it worth the purchase. Great job Allen!

Impressive piece of work

Awfully tight for a first version.

Great app, way better than Teslas

Need I say more? From temperature readings to UI, this is so great!

Great app great support

This app adds additional functionality over the native tesla app. Its a first version and its already way ahead with a developer that is super involved, super motivated and actually listens to customer suggestions. I can only expect this app will get even better. Great job! Keep it coming!

Great app even without Apple Watch

More features than official Tesla app in a pleasing interface. Developer is responsive to feedback.

What TMs app should be, but isnt

As great as v1 of Remote S was, this v2 adds even more capability and usefulness. Excellent app; I dont use the Tesla app any more.


... is an understatement. I love the new interface in the latest version.

Just keeps getting better!

I also use this app instead of the Tesla one. I have used the watch at shows without the key nearby to show the charge port opening without the doors being unlocked and kids trouncing the interior when Im busy talking electrics to someone who is interested. This app just keeps getting better. Thank you

Great app, highly responsive developer

This app offers more functionality than the Tesla application and even more than some desktop applications. The developer even responds to feature requests and feedback from his hospital bed! Amazing service, active and interested developer. Kudos!


A lot more features than the original Tesla app. Very happy!

The Watch app alone is worth it!

Complete feature set and beautiful design.


Beats the Tesla app hands down

Really great

A really great iPhone app with a usefull iWatch app.

Great ....pls add voice commands for Apple watch !!!

Works faster than the original tesla app. Pls add the Siri voice commands for Apple watch!!!!

Great with Apple watch. Support fantastic

Had some difficulty getting going and contacted developer from app. Expected to maybe get a response in a few days. Instant responses back and forth. Problem solved!

Better roof control, with a few flaws

The app is good but in fact, improved roof control is the only real increased functionality over the Tesla app - it can be opened to positions other than vent. One down side is cost - this is overpriced at $12 for a roof control. Second issue is if you use calendar, you will ALSO have to have the Tesla app running on your phone. Is there a potential security issue passing your cars GPS location, unlock, and drive functions through a third party? To be fair, the app does report more information from the car: tells you outdoor temp as opposed to indoor temp only, odometer reading, and better reporting of remaining battery life/range. Bottom line: if youre not worried about compromising security, dont use calendar, have 12 bucks to burn, and wish for remote ability to open and close your roof, this is the app for you.

Cool App

Has more features than the standard Tesla app that make it worth it. Works well with the apple Watch.

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